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The increasing popularity of smartphone barcode label scanners

We are all familiar with the linear barcode labels found on most products we buy, but Quick Response barcode labels are starting to appear more frequently.

Whereas the linear barcode is considered to be a one dimensional way of representing information, the QR code is 2D, allowing more information to be represented within the same area.

First designed for the car industry, its popularity soon spread to other industries. The QR code allows a greater amount of data to be read more quickly.

Use asset labels to simplify the auditing process

Performing routine inventory checks is crucial for retail stores and in warehouses. It involves counting each and every asset within the warehouse or retail store. Inventory checks are mostly performed outside the working hours of business. Managing stock levels is an important part of the retail world.

Doing regular stock checks, organisations can ensure that their business is profitable and efficient. Audits and inventory checks allow organisations to know how many inventory items are available, sold and missing. It also helps organisations to ensure that they do not advertise about goods that are no longer available.

Some reasons why your business needs asset labels

You have probably heard of asset labels. These labels are used whenever there is any labelling work to be done. They are widely used by commercial firms. If you are not using asset labels then it is highly recommended that you begin using them. Here are some reasons why your business should use asset labels:

Marking your office items

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