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Barcode or QR

The quick response or “QR” code is being seen on more advertisements, leaflets, in fact just about everywhere, so is the QR replacing the barcode? Well the simple answer to that is no, this is because essentially it does a different job to the barcode, although they can both be read by optical devices.

Custom labels

We believe that a custom label is probably the best way in which you can successfully engage in a marketing campaign. It is believed in marketing circles that images portray far better than words and an eye catching image is more likely to be remembered by the person who see it.

Asset Tags & Barcodes

The modern way to take stock or to make an inventory check is through barcoding and asset tagging, this way your team will not have to rely on hand written records which can be difficult to read or mistakes easily made through human error.

This can lead to all sorts of unnecessary problems, accounting, business efficiency and even productivity by having to double check everything to ensure that it is correct. It may also affect customer relations too, if queries cannot be answered quickly and importantly, correctly; swift and accurate answers to customers’ enquiries are excellent for good relationships.

Let our vinyl stickers do your work

When you put one of our vinyl stickers onto a car screen, laptop, boat or window, they will be there no matter what the weather, still looking as cool as ever and advertising your event, product or appeal, twenty four hours a day seven days a week. You can choose glossy matt or even clear in you wish and these high quality transparent vinyl stickers can be really effective.

Clear Labels

Attracting the customer to your product can be helped by having a “no label” look to the product, particularly if it is a shower gel or shampoo, drink, even household cleaning items can be more attractive with a label showing the contents through the container.

Producing a label that will last

There are of course occasions when we want a label to destruct, perhaps when used as tamper evident labels that show for example that show when food or product have been “tampered” with. However, we usually want labels that will withstand all the rigours and hardships of everyday use or storage in a freezer.

Some materials we use for asset labels

A company’s assets often have to stand up to very harsh treatment, adverse conditions, extremes of heat and cold and they still have to do the job for which they were intended, ensuring the asset is still traceable.

Today business no longer has to keep log files and the like for keeping track of their asset base, adding a simple barcode to the item ensures that whenever you need to the information is available by scanning.

What Are Varnished labels

To varnish or not varnish a label is a question that we are often asked, this will depend on where the product that the label is to used upon will to a large degree determine whether it is desirable to varnish your label.

How we supply our labels

We often get asked questions about how we supply produce and print labels we supply to you and the process is more or less the same, depending on the type of label.

QR Codes Not Barcodes

Although it does not look anything like a barcode, it works in a very similar way because it has information stored in the combination and pattern of the dots within the square. The main use of them today is to store the URL’s of the company or product and this can be read by most of the mobile phones that are on sale today.

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