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Digitally printed window stickers

A window sticker is an ideal medium for launching a new product or for advertising a special event that it to take place by a club or society. Window stickers are a cost effective way to promote a product, are highly visible and can be personalised to suit your individual requirements, in small to medium sized runs.

Solvent Resistant Labels

Not all labels need to be solvent resistant, but there are occasions when they do. Household items that are often stored under the kitchen sink for example, these could be everyday items such as cleaners or disinfectants, the secret to labelling as we know is to give the product a high profile when on the shelf, but it also needs to be clear when at the home too.

The right label for the job

We manufacture labels for just about every application, the right material for the label, the right print, and the best adhesive for the environment your label will be used in. We can supply fully supply bespoke plain and printed labels on rolls and A4 Sheets, simple plain labels, to full colour printed of a specialist nature, however you want them.

What are QR codes?

QR codes are now everywhere we look, magazines, products, airlines are also slowly looking at bringing them into everyday use. So if you have been looking at these little squares of dots and might be considering using them in your marketing strategy, size is an important thing to take into account.

Bespoke Printed Labels

You have made a quality product and it does not make any sense to put a poor label on the product which will only suggest to the potential buyer that the product is of poor quality also. What is need is a high quality bespoke label that through high quality printing conveys to the customer that you care about product and how it is displayed.

A lot has happened in sixty two years

It has been a very busy 62 years and a lot of things have happened in that time. Men have gone to the moon and back, there have been numerous conflicts and many Prime Ministers have come and gone. Queen Elizabeth also came to the Throne in February of 1952, but our industry has seen some significant changes too.

Permanent and tamper proof labels

When fixing asset tags or labels to your valuable equipment it is vital that they are permanent and difficult, or impossible to remove. This kind of label should be made from vinyl as it is a far better option than using paper.

The adhesive that is necessary will form a super strong bond between the label itself and the surface of the equipment to which it is being attached. The glue hardens over a period and it is at its maximum strength is usually after a period of four hours, by which time it is virtually impossible to remove.

The easy way to order labels

At Data Label we do everything that we can to make your job of buying labels for your products as easy as it can possibly be. If your product is a new one or you have not ordered a product label or barcode previously we can help you through the process.

Changing offices made easier

We are not trying to suggest that moving into new business premises is easy, it never is and like moving home it can cause a lot of stress. However, there are things which can take some of the stress away from moving and we would always recommend that a professional business removal expert is used and not Joe down the road with his Transit van!

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