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What Are Varnished labels

To varnish or not varnish a label is a question that we are often asked, this will depend on where the product that the label is to used upon will to a large degree determine whether it is desirable to varnish your label.

How we supply our labels

We often get asked questions about how we supply produce and print labels we supply to you and the process is more or less the same, depending on the type of label.

QR Codes Not Barcodes

Although it does not look anything like a barcode, it works in a very similar way because it has information stored in the combination and pattern of the dots within the square. The main use of them today is to store the URL’s of the company or product and this can be read by most of the mobile phones that are on sale today.

Clear labels

Sometimes there are occasions when a clear label with the information and barcode printed onto it are exactly what a product needs. Many items of food and drink are packed in bottles, jars or similar glass containers allowing the product to be clearly seen.

Car Stickers = Cheap Advertising

With pressure being put on budgets and money for advertising having to be watched carefully, finding a cost effective way to advertise your company can be challenging. One way and without question cost effective, is to use car stickers which are seen by thousands daily as we commute to work, or walk through the streets in our towns or supermarket car parks.

Freezer Labels

Whilst we have all become used to seeing smartly package food that is made and sold commercially by the big manufacturers, there are many smaller companies that grow bespoke products and pack them in polythene and attach a label with the product information on the pack. The labels that are used have to withstand the same conditions and handling just in the same way that all the large commercial producer needs.

Tamper Evident Labels Are Really Important

What is the point of having a tamper evident label on a food product? Well put simply it will tell the customer or store keeper that the product could have been interfered with and should be withdrawn from sale. .  A standard paper or file with a permanent adhesive may meet many customers’ requirements.  However, in more demanding applications, special tamper evident materials are available.

Promotional and Point of Sale Labels

A great product just like the one you have produced is of little value unless you publicise it and the best way to do that is by attractive packaging and of course a label to inform your customer just how good your product really is. Promotional labels which ensure your promotion stands out from the crowd are essential in today’s crowded marketplace.

Labels A Necessary Evil

In today’s world we have to accept that not everyone is totally honest and this is why your company should ensure that its valuable assets are tagged to prevent an unscrupulous person form selling them of on a site like eBay for example.

I know that you might laugh at such a suggestion, but sadly in an organisations such as a college or large IT workplace it can happen, which is why just about all companies and organisations use asset tags.

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