Making your product stand out from the crowd

Naturally you will want your product to stand out from the rest of the competition and a label is one way that you can do it. We are all used to seeing lots of items competing on the shelves, so making your brand stand out is more important now that it may have been for many years.

A slick logo is one way and it makes it extremely easy to recognise your product from the competition, which your customers can instantly identify. Colours, whilst important in many ways are not as vital as the shape of the logo, it is true that a black and white logo is just as easy to identify as one that is in colour, especially if it is in with a multitude of colours.

Many experts will tell you that an abstract design can be very memorable; there are many which come to mind the MacDonald for example or possibly the Nike Swoosh . Your product also has to stand out and this is where bespoke printing of labels can be helpful and where colour can come into play. We all know when we see an EasyJet aircraft at an airport with their distinct pantone O21c orange colour. You can choose your distinctive pantone colour also; it really will be worth every moment of your time in this process in order to further build your brand.

Labels for low and extremely low temperatures

A standard label will generally not withstand extremes of temperatures, both heat and cold and but we at Data Label can provide a solution for any of these. Extremes of cold are often a big problem as more products are being subjected to very low deep freeze temperatures.

The temperatures which are the main cause of concern are commercial blast freezing when the low temperatures of minus 40°C are experienced. This requires a special adhesive as the ones which are used on normal labels usually will lose their adhesion at around minus 10°C.

Even products which are stored in a domestic freezer should reach temperatures down to minus 18°C so we can see that it is important that any frozen product purchased shopil always have a label which is firmly adhered to the product.

Very extremely low temperatures such as those which are used to identify items such as plastic and glass vessels, which are used for preserving blood or donated eggs or sperm, have to be frozen at very extreme temperatures in the range of minus 196°C to Minus 210°Crferred to as cryogenic. This is a very specialist label product and Data Label is able to supply cryogenic labels which will withstand these extremes without degrading, vital when the item needs positive identification.

If you need a label which will withstand these extremes of low temperature, or very high temperatures for that matter, contact us and we will be happy to discuss the options available.

Questions to ask yourself when you need some labels

As the buyer of labels you have been asked to order some labels for a new or existing product and will have been given some idea what the label needs to do. With this in mind we at Data Label will use our years of expertise and help you make the final choice.

Some of the questions you will need to know are what the label to be used for and what environment will it be in. The answers to these will help to determine what kind of material the label should be made from. Naturally the label on the product has to identify the item, advertise etc., as well as providing important product information.

Another question is how long the label needs to last, does it have to be hard wearing, this question is crucial as different materials vary in price and longevity. Will your labels remain in dry warehouses, are they likely to become exposed to extremes of heat or cold and will they come into contact with chemicals or oils.

Printing is important and we have the latest digital printing equipment also we can over varnish your labels if these are to be exposed to harsh conditions. Naturally your company logo can be included and we are happy to assist with artwork, or we can provide artwork for you if we have an idea how your label needs to look. Naturally we will submit this to you for approval before we proceed further.

Data Label is expert in bespoke designs of labels and we are always willing to help will all your labelling needs or questions you may have. Contact us and speak top one of our advisors, we are always happy to help.

Water and Weatherproof labels

Should the need arise, and it often does, when a label has to withstand the rigours of the weather, or perhaps subject to being in contact with water, then a label that is resistant to these conditions will be needed.

We have a number of options that we can offer polyester, polypropylene, or vinyl, dependent upon the degree of water contact that the product will be subjected to. For example if you require a label which is full waterproof, resistance to oils, alcohol and dirty conditions, then we suggest the use of polypropylene. Normally the finish is matt and can be printed in full colour.

A label which is highly resistant to water and also water as well as weatherproof, polyester is an excellent material. Polyester can withstand a lot that is thrown at it and the label will shake off the harshest of climatic and manmade conditions, heat, sun, or cold and it can withstand submersion in water. This is the label that is very durable and it will still look good even if it is in contact with rough treatment, still retaining its high gloss finish.

Vinyl labels are amongst the most commonly seen and this versatile material is a very good all round material that will not deteriorate in wet or humid conditions. Excellent for many products include those found in a marine setting.

We will have a label that will be suitable for just about any condition that the product is likely to be in, we will be delighted to discuss your label needs and let you have a no obligation, free quotation for this.

Easy peelable labels

There are some circumstances when a label needs to be easily removed from an item after it has been sold, it could be a present for example and the price has to be removed. More often than not though, these labels are used on items such as CD covers or books, if fact in the trade they are referred to as Book Peel labels.

The lable has to be easily stuck to just about any surface and the adhesive that is used must have the flexibility to stick the label firmly to the surface of the item, but when the label is removed, no trace of the adhesive should be left.

The adhesive that we would use on our peelable labels would be water based, so that when the label is removed, should any trace of it still be on the item, then a damp cloth will remove any trace. We can supply the label in a variety of shapes and sizes and these can be plain in needed. Naturally we can print the label in full colour, offer it in a variety of materials and they can be glossy or matt.

Typically the peelable label can be used on delicate surfaces such as china, and glass, and we will be pleased to discuss with you the suitability of an easy peel label to the products that you have in mind. Call us and we will be happy to let you have a free quotation and samples for you to test on your product.

The value of a cheap barcode

There is a very well known saying that goes along the lines of “you get what you pay for” and that would to some degree apply to barcodes as well. We are now used to seeing barcodes every time that we shop, they are the familiar thick and thin parallel lines which have a display of numbers beneath them.

To put it simply, the lines or barcodes are used to attach data to them and can be used for a variety of purposes, pricing, stock control, asset management any number of things. The barcode is read by an optical reader to put the price into the cash register, or to be referenced in a data base for one or other of the purposes required. Today barcoding has taken on a different look and can often be made up of in a range of formats made up of dots, hexagons and even rectangles, but it is still a barcode.

There are now many ways in which a barcode can be produced and with our modern technology, the cost of the barcode has dropped in cost. However, the one thing that a barcode must be able to do and that is to be capable of being read by the optical scanner, which means that the printing has to be precise.

We will be happy to give you a free quotation quickly, entirely without any obligation and gladly let you have samples of our work.

Digitally printed window stickers

A window sticker is an ideal medium for launching a new product or for advertising a special event that it to take place by a club or society. Window stickers are a cost effective way to promote a product, are highly visible and can be personalised to suit your individual requirements, in small to medium sized runs.

Whatever your personal requirements are, size, shape or colour, Data Label will satisfy those requirements and the window sticker can be supplied in a number of options, static cling vinyl for example, or these can be supplied in either low-tack or permanent adhesives to suit the particular application. Also they can be self cling vinyl, which does not use adhesive, so they can be used again and again.

By using our modern digital printing medium, we can supply a variety of options for the window sticker, importantly, by this method of printing we can supply small to medium sized runs of custom printed window stickers, at a very cost effective price.

If you would like to discuss the options available, with a free quotation and samples of window stickers, call us and talk to one of our team, we will be delighted to help you.

Solvent Resistant Labels

Not all labels need to be solvent resistant, but there are occasions when they do. Household items that are often stored under the kitchen sink for example, these could be everyday items such as cleaners or disinfectants, the secret to labelling as we know is to give the product a high profile when on the shelf, but it also needs to be clear when at the home too.

The label may need to be made of a special material, these could include polypropylene or polyethylene, making the filling of the bottled after labelling possible. Remember the label is you sales person, always there giving out your message.

At Data Label we have invested heavily in the right printing equipment, and we can offer flexible choices for your labels. We have the solution to most requirements when solvent, chemical or water resistant labels are needed. With our digital printing process, we can easily cater for small to medium sized runs and we are also able to supply these solvent, chemical or water resistant labels on rolls, in a wide variety of size options

If you have a need for a solvent resistant label, talk to us and we will be happy to discuss the various options that can be provided. Data Label has the solution and is able to provide a solvent resistant label just right for you.

The right label for the job

We manufacture labels for just about every application, the right material for the label, the right print, and the best adhesive for the environment your label will be used in. We can supply fully supply bespoke plain and printed labels on rolls and A4 Sheets, simple plain labels, to full colour printed of a specialist nature, however you want them.

We will naturally give you a quotation completely without obligation and we are more than happy to discuss your requirements over the phone, or if you prefer an initial enquiry through email. With now over 25 years of supplying labels to all sections of industry and commerce, we will guide you through the process of design if needed, and through your entire options, help you choose a material that’s perfect for your labels, through the label printing process, in fact everything from the start to the completion and delivery of your labels.

Because there are so many different kinds of material used in making a label, it could be confusing, but we will help you choose a material that’s perfect for your needs. For example what are the labels to be used for, will they be for bottles stored in a fridge, the environment they are to be used in, does the label need to be stuck permanently or will it be removed?

Just give us a call, or send an email and we will get the ball rolling, we’re here to make it less of a problem for you to get exactly the right label for your product.

What are QR codes?

QR codes are now everywhere we look, magazines, products, airlines are also slowly looking at bringing them into everyday use. So if you have been looking at these little squares of dots and might be considering using them in your marketing strategy, size is an important thing to take into account.

The first thing that has to be understood about a QR code is that it is usually read by the modern smartphone and so here are a few things to take into consideration. It is not the size of the code image that determines the minimum size at which the code can be scanned; it’s the size of the modules, these are the tiny black squares that make up the QR code or image. So to ensure that it is readable, it must not fall below the resolution limit for the camera on the smartphone.

The main consideration when determining the size of your QR code has to be the distance at which the camera will have to scan. To put this simply, the further the distance the camera is from the QR code, the smaller the code will appear in the camera viewing window. This will of course make the modules appear to be smaller, until the distance is increased so much that and the modules become so small that the image will not be readable.

If you are considering using QR codes, we will be happy to discuss with you the various things that the code can be used for and supply you with a competitive quotation.

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