Portable Appliance Testing Labels

Health and Safety regulations require that electrical appliances are safe and maintained to prevent harm to workers. This is normally required to be done on a yearly basis to ensure that the item continues to be safe to use.

Companies carrying out these test have to fix a label to the item so that the product can be found and identified easily in the future, normally showing the date when the next test is due. Although many companies use an outside contractor, the cost can be quite expensive particularly if a lot of items are involved; a care home is one example where hundreds of residents’ televisions, radios lamps etc., have to be tested to ensure that they are safe.

Many care home providers and commercial and industrial work places now have an “in house” person to undertake this task checking on items such as computers, desk lamps and in factories things such as portable drills and floor cleaning machines.

However more often than not an electrical appliance company is involved and they will fix asset tags with barcodes on them to identify and when they return, they will have a previous record of the device.

We offer bespoke PAT inspection labels which can be bar-coded and also have the name of the test company for reference to call when needed again.

From simple beginnings to digital printing

Labels have been around for a very long time, it is believed that they were first used about 400 years ago and then of course the label would have been written by hand, or images cut into wood and the image pressed into the paper, using a press of some description. Gradually though the years and as a result of the industrial revolution, cylinder style printing was developed.

By the late 1970’s in Europe, the self-adhesive label began to appear and it was soon to gain around 7% of the market, today the figure is more than 40% and growing. Barcodes were beginning to be seen and it was the now defunct Fine Fare supermarket that put them onto the supermarket’s own label products.

As the demand for labels that would withstand rough handling, chemicals and water grew, so we saw the rise in the use of materials such as polypropylene. Manufacturers of high end products such as shampoos and toiletries wanted high quality printing for their items and the printing industry were quick to rise to the challenge and now digital printing is the way forward.

At Data Label we have kept in the forefront of label production and we are equipped with the very best digital printing technology, ready to meet today’s demand for high quality labels.

Get the most by using a QR code on your product

The QR code can be a great advantage to your company and to work for you it needs to be displayed prominently on the product. We have seen that the QR code can be printed in a variety of shapes, colour and sizes, have a picture embedded into and it is there always on display when your product is used.

The QR code can be printed any size, although obviously the larger the code the more likely it is to catch the attention of the consumer. However it can be printed in a discreet manner and we have noted some QR codes placed on a very familiar product that had been sited at the corner of the label and just 5mm square.

Similarly the QR code can be placed on both the back and the front of the product, for example a familiar household we have seen had the QR code discreetly placed on the front of the product and also on the back where the instructions and barcode had been sited. Now this can be the same QR code, or an entirely different one giving out a separate message.

We are now being asked to add QR codes to more product labels and it is easy to understand why. This code can carry far more information than the barcode being two dimensional; this allows QR codes to carry much more information in a smaller space.

If you have not used a QR code previously and would like more information, talk to us and we will be happy to explain the tremendous advantages that can be gained by using a QR code on your product label.

Bespoke Label Printing

More often than not we can supply a label which will fit your exact requirements from our huge stock of standard sizes. Over the 25 years that we have been supplying customers with labels we have amassed a huge stock of cutters, in fact we have 5,000 of these and you can choose from; including rectangular, square, circular and oval.

However we realise that on occasions a customer may require a specific size, shape that we do not have in stock, but at Data Label we pride ourselves on being able to create a labelling solution to fit your exact requirements. Also by investing in the latest digital print technology, we have eliminated the need for printing plates and we are able to pass the savings to you the customer.

So when you need a specific label, contact us, we may be able to supply this to you direct from our stock, but if not then you may be assured that if you tell us what the label is for, an approximate sixe, we will then work out the most cost effective material, print options and finish for your label. It really is as simple as that, we look forward to hearing from you.

Asset tags can improve efficiency and also help with the brand

Asset tags come in many options these can be extremely durable for industrial use, others which do not have to stand up to such extreme conditions can instead feature a barcode or a brand name promoting the company.

For your business it’s important that you secure your assets and the best way to do this is by having a database containing all the relevant information, this will ensure that you are able to improve business efficiency and also ensure that the value of assets is safely recorded.

Asset tags can be fitted to expensive items such as laptop computers and tablets which if they contain a barcode, passing them over a reader ensures that your register is always up to date.

Asset labels or tags also can ensure that the name of the company is always at the forefront, vital for any company but more so for a new or emerging operation anxious that the marketing of the goods they are selling is always in the public domain. For a hire shop or tool hire company, asset tags are a must, this ensures inventory control whist also helping the tool hire or shop name is prominently displayed.

If you believe that asset tags could help you in your business, call DataLabel and we will happily discuss the many options which are open to you.

QR codes your 24hour marketing executive

Barcodes have been with us for nearly forty years and are a very familiar sight wherever we look; the QR code is relatively new with us for less than half that time, coming into prominence with the rise of the smartphone.

The QR code or quick response code can carry far more information than the barcode being two dimensional, this allows QR codes to carry much more information in a smaller space; the conventional barcode would require ten times as much space to hold this amount of information.

The QR code can also stand up to being degraded by as much as 50% and still be capable of being read; also it can be read from virtually any angle and on just about any background. The QR code is a great marketing tool and it is your unpaid, 24hour sales person conveying information about your company, product or web address.

The QR code can also be printed in a variety of shapes, colour and sizes, be part of a label and have a picture embedded into the design. To create something really eye-catching, you can employ a designer, or contact us and we will be pleased to offer our expert advice and of course our service.

Reverse Printed Peelable Labels

The reverse peelable label is a great idea if you want to include more information about your product, but the space on it may be limited. The reverse printed label is ideal for products which may be food for example and you want to include cooking instructions, these are revealed when the label is peeled off and print read from the underside.

Similarly another use could be using a transparent substrate; the label can be used as a window sticker in a shop or on a car or bus window. As specialist suppliers of reverse printed labels we can advise you of the many different materials that can be used and with our high quality digital printing we can offer any logo or text, barcodes, and we are able to offer a wide variety of sizes and shapes from our range of cutters. We can accommodate small runs, or medium sized, we will give you a free quotation and samples upon request.

If you have a need or believe that you may soon need a reverse printed label, call us and we will be only happy to discuss the various options available. We are sure that we have the answer for whatever type of reverse and reverse peelable printed label you may be considering.

If you are considering barcodes, read this first

The barcode is a clever device and it is able to contain far more information than just the price of a product when scanned at a cash register. One of the major uses of a barcode is to identify, track, and enable stock records amongst many other uses. Identifying items easily is the main purpose of using barcode labels.

Barcode labels can be made from a variety of materials amongst which is paper, vinyl, metal and plastic. If the label is to be attached to a product it will normally require an adhesive backing, this adhesive will differ dependent upon how the product is to be stored. Will it be subject to changes in temperature or have to withstand extremes of cold or be in contact with moisture?

The data on the barcode label is stored using two basic methods, the familiar line of bars, or a series of dots know as a QR code, it is still a barcode. Irrespective of the technique used, all the data is encoded with special software, making it invisible to the naked eye and must be read by a scanner.

Whatever purpose you are considering using a barcode for, contact us and we will be pleased to discuss the numerous options that are available let you have a free quotation and samples of our barcodes if required.

Customer satisfaction builds success

Data Label here in the UK has been supply labels for customers or over 25 years and the one thing that we came to realise some while ago, is that a company can only be successful if the customer is satisfied with the product, price and service.

We fully understand that each of our customer’s needs is unique and complex; thankfully we have great staff here that have been in the label producing and artwork offering many years of experience. We are here to help you with your label requirements. Once your order is placed, you are assured of complete satisfaction. . We pride ourselves in our attention to quality, accuracy and service.

For example, sometimes a new product may need a trialling period and will only require a short run to begin with, this will not present Data Label with a problem and we are always happy to try to accommodate a short run. However, as we feel sure you will understand, we have to make a minimum charge to cover the setting up costs.

The label can be supplied in a variety of shapes and sizes and as we have hundreds of label cutters, we are sure that your label will be one that we can match, if not, we are able to have a cutter made to your specific requirements and the cost can be as low as £32.00.

Whatever your requirement may be for a label, contact us and one of our experienced staff will be happy to help.

Making the barcode label of your choosing

When the barcode first appeared on products, you would have none, or little choice about the way that it looked, it was a series of lines. It still is in many ways, but today you can customise your barcode label in a way that would have been considered not possible previously in case it did not read.

At Data Label we can provide you with labels in full colour, and we can add the company name a logo, any number of things. If your budget will meet it we can offer barcode labels which are void or tamper evident Originally barcodes were in black and white because the readers of the time had great difficulty picking out the code on anything else, now with better printing through our digital printing operation, coloured barcodes do not present a problem, particularly for the modern scanner, many of which are capable of reading thousands of items in the space of just a few minutes, this in turn can mean inventory management problems are minimised thus boosting profitability.

Adding a QR code will give your barcode label another dimension, for example directing the user to your company website, or offering information about other products or giving product information. The barcode has come a long way and is one of the best business tools working for you.

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