Asset tags that will survive all conditions

Naturally you will want all your expensive equipment to have asset tags on them, this way all your modern high-tech electrical equipment and valuable machinery can be enabled for you to track them constantly as well as render them ‘thief-proof’.

No longer is it necessary to maintain huge log files for all the equipment you own, you can simply have all the information labelled with a barcode. Whenever required, the information can be scanned using a scanner but naturally the labels will have to be intact and readable by the scanner.

For heavy industrial equipment we would suggest that you use a tough metallic labels which can survive harsh conditions such as exposure to corrosive chemicals and intense heat. The information is securely sealed within, because it is sealed within aluminium and protective anodising keeping it functioning for years against harsh conditions such as heat, cold and physical damage.

For equipment that is used outside, or exposed to moisture, we would recommend that steel labels are used. These are anti-corrosive and can withstand harsh weather. Steel labels should also be always used in the food and catering industry where metal corrosion can spell disaster as a food contaminant. Heat does not present a problem either as they can be super-fused onto a stainless steel surface surviving temperatures of up to a thousand degrees.

We have a solution for asset tags no matter what the conditions are that it is likely to encounter, call us and we will be happy to discuss with you the asset tag that is right for you.

Talk to us if you are considering QR Codes on labels

There are many ways in which a QR code can help to promote your business, they can be used to direct the customer to your website, inform about the product and how to use it, cooking times as an example for a food product for instance, or about the company or product service advice are just a few of the many things a QR code can be helpful.

We can add a QR code to your label and we will be happy to talk to you if you are considering using QR codes as a marketing strategy as there are some important things that you should be aware of before you order pre-printed QR code labels. The most important thing, just like a barcode, it has to be readable, but particularly by a customer’s smartphone. It is the little black squares, which make up the image which has to be scanned, and precise printing and a clear image ensure that this is possible.

QR codes are designed to make life easier and to provide customers with a quick method of accessing information about your company or product. There are numerous ways in which you can use your QR codes and we will be happy to help. Simply let us know your idea and we can put it on a custom label, just for you, contact us for a free quote on QR code friendly labels.

Making inventory management easy using asset tags

With the use of the correct asset tags, inventory management can be made very easy, businesses and commercial establishments, particularly the retail sector, use asset tags as a matter of routine because in these sectors many items often need to be tracked closely.

With the ever changing needs of business today, it is not uncommon to find that companies have stock or equipment that is constantly shifted from one warehouse to another, regularly sent out for repairs and sometimes given out on loan. This could cause a problem because due to the amount of movement, items could be lost or go missing for long periods. For this reason, companies invest in security measures and asset tags are an effective way of maintaining stock levels and tracking equipment.

Another important benefit of using asset tags is that stock levels can be monitored with barcodes and magnets to keep track of stock levels in their stores. This method also not only reduces theft, but importantly helps prevent price tag switching. We have been at the forefront of technology with asset tags and are constantly abreast of the increasing number of newer asset labels which are being developed.

If t=you consider that asset tags and labels could benefit your business, call or email us and we will be pleased to discuss the options that are available.

A few reasons why barcode and asset labels benefit from over-lamination

If a barcode label or an asset tag or label becomes damaged through exposure to adverse conditions, they become un-readable by the scanner and no longer serve the purpose for which they were intended. In such cases the label would have to be replaced, wasting company employees’ valuable time and costing the company money.

We can supply labels and tags which are designed to withstand the rigours of exposure to adverse conditions, but a cheaper and cost effective way could be to over-laminate the label before it is despatched. Over laminating a label can help to protect it from exposure to the elements, chemicals and extreme heat and cold temperatures. The process is straightforward and simply involves coating the label with a clear film of polyester material.

The over-lamination process with protect the barcode label or asset tag from the weather, ultra violet rays, dirt and grease, marks and fingerprints can be easily wiped off the label, and also protect it from many chemicals. When protected the label will always remain legible, intact, and readable by the scanner, the information on the label is protected and will not be able to be scratched off.

For further information about over-lamination or protecting labels from adverse conditions, contact us and we will be happy to discuss the many options that we can offer.

Barcodes their uses, durability and printing

The type of material and printing of a barcode will depend upon a number of factors and is largely dependent upon where the item that the barcode is used for is stored, how it is likely to be used and the method of transportation. Examples would be a durable barcodes that can resist corrosion, heat, cold, UV light and solvents. They might be listed as warehouse barcode labels, industrial use barcode labels and polyester barcode labels. Of course the durability of the barcode label is not restricted to the kind of material it is printed on. For example, thermally printed labels are scratch-resistant and more durable than some ordinary labels; we have different types of high quality labels that are now available to suit different needs.

There are many benefits to using a barcode; these can offer a simple way of distinguishing your items amongst others, asset tracking for example. As you will know, each barcode label has black and white bars, which uniquely identify items; this ensures that barcode labels are economical and less prone to errors compared to manual asset tracking methods, streamlining the entire asset tracking process with ease.

When it has been decided which material should be used for the barcode a number of options are available. For instance unlike in previous times, today we can customise barcode labels with the name and logo of your company; you can even choose the colour and size of the barcode labels.

So with the multitude of uses for the barcode and the number of options regarding the material, adhesive and printing, if you contact us we will be happy to discuss your company’s particular requirements concerning a choice of barcode, provide a quotation and supply samples.

Use barcode labels for high quality data management

We have all become familiar with barcode labels on products that we see every day at supermarkets and in other kinds of retail outlets, but they have many more uses than just telling the checkout operator the price of the goods. Naturally this method has completely replaced the traditional method of having to manually price each item. A barcode comprises of a continuous series of black stripes and white spaces of different widths. This barcode is usually printed onto products to uniquely identify them.

To read the many symbols that are included in this coding of stripes, they have to be read with a scanner and a computer loaded with the appropriate software. It is not only pricing of course, but the barcoding on the labels can be used in different applications for quick billing, precise calculations

The barcode label can be personalised to suit your business, you can add your company name, logo or any other information on these labels. The material upon which the code is printed is important and the type will depend on the environmental conditions which the product will be stored, displayed and transported. Traditionally barcodes were printed on paper, but today a wide variety of material is available and if necessary, we can over laminate the label for extra protection.

Regardless of the material used, barcode labels will increase accuracy and efficiency within your workplace, they are designed to save on valuable company employees’ time and increase the overall efficiency of the business.

Longevity is not the only advantage of vinyl stickers

By using a vinyl sticker to advertise your company, event or project you can be sure that, unlike a paper poster, they will always look smart, clean and a credit to your company or club. Vinyl stickers are seen and used for a variety of advertising purposes, normally seen on the inside of cars, but also on boats and shop windows, inside or outside it does not matter. Naturally the vinyl sticker can be used over and over again and will always present a clean and smart appearance.

We are also able to produce vinyl stickers in a wide variety of colours, sizes and shapes all that is required is for you to talk to one of our advisors and we can discuss the feasibility of the particular shape or size that you have in mind. Quantities do not present a problem for us; if you just want just a hundred for a trial operation we can produce those for you if you wish. Should you require a vinyl sticker that is to be used on a display that is going to be permanent, these can be supplied with a permanent adhesive and they will always have a clean and pristine look.

Printing on any label irrespective of the material Is what makes it stand out from the rest, we have invested in high quality HP Indigo equipment and with this we are able to provide superb colour including pantone colour matching, we offer varnished or laminated to protect the print, have thousands of stock sizes from which to choose, all ready for despatch to you in just a few days.

All you have to do is call us on 01293 551520, or if you prefer email and we will be happy to answer your queries, provide a quotation or let you have samples of our vinyl labels.

Securing valuables assets with barcode labels

Ensuring that your valuable business assets are securely marked is a vital part of any well run business, particularly when you consider that in some cases the value of these assets can amount to many thousands of pounds.

These security labels can be made from a wide range of different materials; also they are usually supplied with a powerful adhesive backing which makes them easier to be applied on any surface, but very difficult to remove. Using these specialist materials and adhesive ensures that should anyone try to remove the label, the barcode labels will break into smaller pieces to show that tampering has occurred.

We have strong adhesives which will bond with almost any surface, even the ones with high temperature resistance. It is also possible to customise the label in a number of ways, for example you can add a date, numbering and text. We can also, where it is necessary, apply an overlay to protect the label against contamination by chemicals, grease, tampering and abrasion.

Barcode security labels also serve as a theft deterrent to help in the recovery of lost and stolen items. Using solid aluminium plates printed with your company name and logo can prove to be a valuable option and are virtually impossible to remove without causing any damage to the equipment.

Peel and reveal labels

Peel and reveal labels offer business the ability to put extra information onto their product, in effect a lot more printed word on the same space as a standard label. This is not only important but very timely as major label law changes in the food and chemical industries came into effect in December of last year.

More amendments are due from December 2014 until 2017, so it is important that due to these changes, the displaying of extra mandatory information on labels and better legibility of text will mean that more information has to be shown on the label and peel and reveal could be the answer.

The regulations in the chemical industry is changing on the 1st June this year with some significant changes to labelling, which will include dimensions of pictograms and the label size. This is where the peel and reveal label can help and we will be happy to discuss cost effective ways of ensuring that your company’s labels comply with all the requirements and have all the necessary information on the label.

If you consider that a peel and reveal label could be useful to your business, call us and we will be happy to discuss the options, provide a quotation and supply a sample in required.

How QR Codes can benefit your business

We are fairly sure that you will have seen how the QR code is being seen more and more on packaging and labels, there is a very good reason. This code is a form of barcode, but instead of the series of lines, the QR code encodes data in the vertical plane as well as the horizontal plane. Although its first appearance was in the Japanese automotive industry, business soon saw how this new code could play an important part in promoting and marketing their products.

When marketing departments saw that the code could be read by smartphones, the whole potential of the QR code became evident. One of the major advantages of the QR codes is that the way the squares are formatted, this means that far more data to be encoded into a small space, much greater than can be on a barcode. When it was seen how much more data could be encoded into a small space, there is no wonder the QR code was seen to have such a huge potential to marketing managers.

Today Android smartphones can easily read the QR code and with iPhones having a full range of QR reader apps on the App store, it easy to see how the QR code can become an invaluable marketing tool for most businesses. QR codes are now seen everywhere, magazines web pages, on product labels they have appeared all over. If you believe that your business might benefit from using QR codes, contact us and we will be happy to discuss QR codes with you and how they could help your business

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