The growing popularity of vinyl labels

An increasing number of products are now seem with a vinyl sticker attached to them, this is partly due to their durability, but also they are an attractive alternative to the time served and ease of using paper.

Vinyl labels are ideal for wine bottle, security labels, may pharmaceutical products now have vinyl labels to indicate the product, its uses and recommended dosage. Freezer packs are now using them almost exclusively, again because of their durability and long life, resistance to moisture supplied with a matt or high gloss film for added protection.

Vinyl stickers are another great way to advertise your company, sports club or a special event. These vinyl stickers have been used in the motor car retailing sector for many years they are seen in car showrooms and displayed on cars themselves. These can be supplied with a permanent adhesive to advertise the car dealership in the rear windows of cars when they are sold. The vinyl stickers can be used inside or outside of glass making them very versatile and economical too as they can be used a number of times.

The vinyl stickers can be produced in any shape that you want; they can also be produced in a variety of eye catching and attractive colours too. Quantities do not present a problem for us; if you just want just a hundred for a trial operation we can produce those for you if you wish. Just contact us and tell us what your ideas are and we will be happy to help.

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